Broken Black Ring - Help Needed

All of a sudden my laser was engraving bumpy and I took the carriage off and found that this black round wheel is broke. This is the busiest time of the year with orders and I’m stuck with what to do? Do I glue it back together or would that void the warranty, do they send out a replacement and if so, how long does that usually take, etc etc

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Posting here opened a ticket for you. Support will be able to arrange for a replacement when they see your post. (No idea how long it takes these days, it depends on supply.)

(As far as gluing it back together…I believe some people have tried, but I didn’t follow the results to see if it worked out. Might try a search to see if anyone else had any luck with it.)

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You can take the wheel out and use CA (super) glue to attach the broken piece to get your machine running again, use only as much glue as needed, clamp the piece until the glue has cured, and give it a try. I have read of others being able to use a glued wheel for some time after, but not typically forever, just long enough to get a replacement.


I’m so sorry to see you have a broken wheel on your carriage plate.

I will be reaching out through email for the next steps. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.