Broken Black Ring

The black ring that the belt that moves my carriage sits on broke :frowning: How can I get a new one?


You probably need to post a picture.

From your description, it’s not clear what you are describing. There are many wheels in the machine.

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I will when I get home but it’s the right side wheel of the belt that holds the laser head (the one that needs to be removed to clean the air assist fan)

This belt wheel?

Or one of these two wheels?

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Mine just broke today as well
I sent a photo to GF support
This seems to happen somewhat frequently

Mine was the 2nd photo, carriage plate

The belt wheel

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Support has not responded
Over 24 hours
Do they respond in 24 hours?
Seriously considering taking other options
I understand short staffed Covid etc but need something more than an automated response when the machine is 3 months old and out of commission

You need to open your own thread. Support can only help one owner per discussion.

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I have another thread as well and emailed support still nothing
However I did reach out for purchasing a glowforge and I had a response in 3 hours
The email was sent was over 24 hours ago
I don’t mean to sound petty but somewhat discouraged for a 3 month old GF out of commission for a part that seems to have problems frequently
Thank you though for the information I wouldn’t have known to open a thread

@andrew10 : I’m so sorry for the trouble. We can send a replacement. I’ll follow up in email to sort out the details.

@mtngoff: I’m so sorry for the delay, but it looks like we’ve replied to your email as well.

Thanks for the help @eflyguy & @DaveL

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