Broken carriage wheel

My new glowforge has a broken wheel after just 4 weeks. I was told last week that i would be notified when part ships. I still have heard nothing. Can i get an extension on the warranty for the amount of time it takes to get the part? I think that is fair for a part that appears to cause many problems soon after ownership.

No, sorry, they haven’t offered extended warranties. (Sometimes you can get one with some of the credit cards that are used for purchase…might want to check with whoever you purchased it with to see if they offer one.)

They won’t charge for the replacement part if your machine is still under warranty. You should be good at four weeks, no matter what kind of machine.

They will get the part to you as soon as one is available. It depends on the supply at hand.


Hi Kim, sorry for the delay in response, I just emailed you the tracking number, the wheels are on their way, estimated to be there this Thursday.