Broken fan

Unfortunately, as I was cleaning the back exhaust fan (the fan maintenance page)… a piece of the fan broke off.

Does anyone know if you can replace this fan or have had any luck fixing it?

Thank you!!

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They’re easy enough to get, but not easy to get AT… Also, depends on the model. I hear the Pro is inaccessible.

A lot of folks are adding duct fans at the window end of the exhaust and not using the one in the Glowforge. (assuming you cannot get a warranty replacement)

(you do need to look for greater than 225 CFM to work out)

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Oh! Thank you for this!! Then is there a way to turn off the exhaust fan on the glowforge so it doesn’t run?

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Click the three dots and toggle Glowforge air filter on. This turns off the exhaust fan.


I never use my internal fan. As suggested by @rbtdanforth, a good inline fan (4-6") placed at the end of the hose as it exits your window/wall will not only work better but it will be much easier to clean in the future and is nearly silent.


I would recommend against that one, though. The S4 is not sufficiently powerful to replace the built-in exhaust fan and provide the same level of air flow. Your machine may overheat during jobs as a result. It will not achieve the advertised CFM rate when hooked up to a Glowforge. The S6 is the cheapest fan that brand sells that’s sufficient.


I’ve been using the 4" Vivosun which lists 195 (versus this one’s 205) and itsworked brilliantly for more than 2 years. I did add a 2nd of the same size to speed up the removal of smoke, but unless you’re in an area that’s WAY hot/humid it can be fine.

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Hi all,

Would anyone have a link to the type of fan you use? I would appreciate it:)

Thank you!

There are lots of recommendations. Most people get theirs from Amazon.

I don’t have any information about where to purchase an exhaust fan, but I’m happy to see that from our email correspondence that you’ll be printing again soon.

If anyone wants to continue the discussion of using external fans, the topic is outside our team’s scope but you’re welcome to pick it up in Beyond the Manual.