Broken gantry wheel and error message

It seems like everyone is running into this issue. My first indication was intermittent error messages that really didn’t make sense. The files were very small. I have had zero issues with files like these so I was perplexed.
What I did start to notice was that the errors popped after I hit ‘set focus’. So thinking I might have some dirty I did a deep clean. That’s when I found the wheel in halves.

I’ve reached out to support and look forward to receiving my replacement parts.

Hope this helps anyone else who is chasing that error message issue.

Everyone would be like 26,000 people, so maybe not. There have been a rash of them recently, though, leading us to think they must have gotten a bad batch of wheels.

For future reference, you should post stuff like this over in “Everything Else,” since it’s aimed at other users. Posting in “Problems and Support” actually creates a support ticket. :slight_smile:


So, its a problem that requires support.

For future reference I can handle my business… thanks

You said you had reached out to them already. What’s the point of opening a duplicate ticket, in that case, other than just to slow down their response time for everyone else?


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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