Broken hinge

I just got my GF and unpacked it and the glass is not attached to one of the back hinge so it pop up and leaves a gap when you close the lid.

Also the lid is not square so it significantly rubs the side as you open and close.

I assume this is a return and get a another one?


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Cant say for the rear hinge(probably) but you can always take a level and shim the GF to bring it back into square. UPS doesn’t treat these things very well and they aren’t very rigid to begin with.

This looks pretty identical to what happened on my PRU earlier this year. The glass had pulled away from the hinge and caused the lid to stick up more on one side. The PRU and now my own machine have always been on a level countertop. They ended up recalling the PRU because of the lid problem and at that point I received my forever unit. Support will have the final say, but I’m guessing they will choose to replace it. I’m sorry for your disappointment, but they have been truly amazing about getting things sorted out very quickly.


Thanks for letting us know @watjep. We’ve followed up with more details in response to your email!