Broken Laser Arm Wheel Found When Cleaning/Calibrating

Hi, I’ve been having some issues with my glow forge printing farther left that it should. I attempted to calibrate the machine, but received an error message that the machine couldn’t locate the head. I followed the steps, starting with cleaning the cameras, and making sure the laser arm was in the correct position. While checking for debris, I noticed a piece of what I now know to be a laser arm wheel in the bed of the GF.

What steps do I need to take to resolve this? How to I get a replacement as soon as possible? And how do I prevent this from happening again in the future?

Posting here in the P&S section opens a ticket with support. They will be along in a while to follow up with you. This being a Friday night though I don’t know how soon. Since this does open a ticket, don’t send an email as that will just create duplicate order and slow things down.


Customer support typically wants photos to make sure they’re giving you the correct advice or sending the correct parts, so it might speed things up to get a head-start and add some photos to this thread. Take one of each side of the laser arm showing the wheels, and one of the piece of the wheel you found on the bed.


Your wheels look intact. Perhaps that piece came from one of the 4 wheels on the carriage plate? Have you checked on that? You can follow the instructions for cleaning the air assist fan to take it off and look:

Hello Nyree,
Thank you for providing the excellent photos and reaching out to us with your machine issue. However, this problem may require a bit more of an in depth attention to your machine issue so I’ve created a new trouble ticket / email, and we’ll work, on and resolve your issue there. That said, I’m going to close this topic and follow up with you in your new ticket. Thank you.