Broken part, need replacement ASAP to complete customer orders for Christmas

Hi, when removing the belt that drives the print head to clean the air assist fan, the plastic “ring” on the pulley to the right side cracked and fell off. It is not shown on the page with parts that you can order, I’ve attached a picture.

How do I get this part shipped via next day as I have customer orders in my queue that need to be completed for Christmas? Your help is greatly appreciated!

If there is a model for it somewhere, I can 3d print it so I can get back up and running ASAP.

It looks like I have more than one cracked one. The one on the right side back of the machine that drives the gantry is also cracking.

Try to get a picture of the other one for support. They will need to order the replacements for you.

The appear to be the exact same part. I managed to 3D print one that seems to be working, but I definitely would like to get the official part and maybe some spared.

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Good…they’ll be able to order them for you, but there’s usually a delay these days with parts availability, so at least you can keep rolling while they get them.

Still waiting on a reply from Glowforge. We really need a way to get quick support and express service on replacement parts for when a Glowforge is being used as a part of a business.

That’s not the issue…we’ve got manufacturers locked down all over the world, and shipping delays to boot…the parts are just not available to anyone. :woman_shrugging:

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Understandable, I’d just like to hear back from Glowforge at the least.

Thank you for your patience. I’m so sorry for my delayed reply. I’ve sent you an email with your invoice and order details. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this thread.

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