Broken parts after first print - printer head roller


printer head roller broke in half after first print

Plastic disc on printer head metal plate broken

Yikes! Thats not supposed to happen…:unamused:
Might upload some pictures for support so they can quickly figure out what happened and make it right.


Can you post a pic of that?


How do you post a picture?


Or you can just drag it into a post.



Or click here on a mobile device


I live here in Hawaii not sure if I was the first one to get a glowforge here but I was pretty stoked after waiting for so long.
now Im just bummed out - can glowforge send me the parts to fix maybe a set of rollers.


:scream: wow…I’m speechless


Wow. Look at that.


Yep. That’s broken in half all right. (And they know which part from the picture.)

You just need to wait to hear from support now.


Does anyone from customer support monitor this chat?
I already sent an email to the customer support but I was wondering because there is no phone number to call.


Yes. It’s the same as sending an e-mail to Support.

In that case this thread will likely be closed.


it appears that the rollers were made out of plastic.


Yes, they have a support ticket open for it now. Just wait to hear from them. They might email you, or reply here and close the ticket, like Tom said.


I hope i don’t have to ship it back - it looks simple enough to replace with spare parts and a solid tutorial.


That would be nice. But replacing the part without knowing the cause of the failure might not be the best way to go, ya know?

But maybe they’ve seen this before and already know the cause. Who knows.


You can discuss that with them when they contact you. It might be an easy enough installation that they just let you do it.


Only reply so far is the automated email reply stating they will get back within 3 business days


Don’t fear… You will very likely hear from somebody later on today.
If you don’t mind, since they’ll probably close this thread in favor of the e-mail, can you please let us know the resolution? (In a new thread outside of Problems and Support if needed.)