Broken pieces found inside my glowforge

I just unboxed my glowforge and found these pieces
Hopefully someone can tell if my glowforge

It doesn’t look like anything I can see. What is the scale on those shots?

My guess would be a bit broken off of one of their testing devices and they forgot to fish it out.

Biggest piece is an1 inch long the small 1/2 inch long
it appears to be maybe a ceramic material

I haven’t seen anything ceramic in the machine… if you want to be certain, take your cell phone and reach in and start shooting pictures of the interior. My guess is someone might have broken their lunch container or something.

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Can’t think of anything ceramic. A piece of one of the white plastic handles?

Plastic handles where are they located on the machine?

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They’re not, they hold the box together. If they’re plastic, not ceramic, that could be what they are.

They look like the plastic fingers that the top left/right glass pieces slip into. They are very fragile.

Missing a few won’t likely cause any operational problems, unless the pieces get caught in the path of the guide wheels.


I think @jules lunchbox theory is most likely correct given Ochams razor and all. See any pieces of sandwich or globs of mayo anywhere? The plant is in Seatle so check for coffee or even avocado. I wouldn’t taste them to confirm, but thats up to you. I hope there isn’t a hungry worker at the plant now working on my GF. That might be bad.

Nope, the factory is in California. Avocado, maybe…or sour dough bread?

Back to the subject, probably want to hear from Support on this one. Were the pieces on the box, or inside the Glowforge?


Thanks for all the help you guys you were great!
I thought I would update you all .
I emailed customer support with picture within hours not days like some company’s I got an answer the email said they believe it is a piece of plastic from the assembly process and they apologize for not removing it.
Very impressed with customer service and this community !!
Now I can play with my Glowforge !!
Thanks again