Broken Plastic Wheel on Gantry Track HELP PLEASE

So just took my crumb tray out and found half of the plastic wheel sitting there. I have been having issues with what I thought was calibatrion sometimes it shows my whole board and others not but today I found this. Could those be connected? Please help with any advice on what to do and if this will destroy my glowforge investment. I have orders pending and an etsy virtual market I am preparing for I can’t afford to be down (just like everyone else that invests this much $$$)

Thanks! Lisa!


The wheels are replaceable. A staff member will be along shortly to let you know what needs to be done (I believe they are user replaceable, but I haven’t had this particular issue)

Nothing ruined investment wise, but you may be down for a bit. If you’ve got orders you need to get out you should use this time to find a back-up. Check for a local Tech-Shop equivalent with a laser or possibly other :glowforge: owners.


FYI likely when you’re seeing the whole board sometimes, and not others is either a zoom on your window, or if it’s the cutting area (as opposed to just a visual) it’s based on the speed you’ve got the head set to (faster speed = smaller cutting area)

great thank you for that info, so on my dashboard it shows the design lined up on the board and then when I hit print it changes after aligning. Also sometimes it will show on the board on the dashboard and when it cuts it cuts off the edge.

There are a couple of things that could be happening there.

Set Focus allows you to re-aim the camera so it’s directly over where you are placing your design. It bounces a laser off your material and back up getting a very accurate reading. Once you tell the machine to Print it will do a 2nd focus check just to make sure something didn’t change, but sometimes that will fall off the edge of your material which can mess things up (most office folks notice this because the image shifts just before printing).

If your material has a lot of holes in it - or it’s a small piece this is more likely to happen.
If that’s the case you have a few options - creating a jig that’s the same height as your material, covering the holes in the material with a piece of paper, attaching a sticky note to the top of your piece so there’s a larger area that’s the right height… I’m sure there are even more, but the idea is to get a large area that is the correct height for your piece.

You can also manually enter a height into the specific step on the list on the left which will override any auto-focus - but you have to be very sure of your height!

If you want to post a screenshot of your GFUI when you’re seeing the shift we might be able to give more specific help for your particular set-up.

Hello @heartsdesirepaints,

I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and we’ve responded to you there. To avoid duplication, I’m going to close this topic and we’ll continue to work with you over email.