Broken Referral Page

Reviving Referral Page — someone moved it out of “Problems and Support,” so our problem didn’t get addressed. I get a 500 error when accessing no matter what device or browser I use. Same goes for @joshnmary484, who originally posted about the issue.


Thanks for letting us know, @geek2nurse. We’re looking into this issue and I’ve let the team know it’s effecting both you and @joshnmary484.

In the meantime, we’d like to make sure you’re taken care of and are happy to check on your referral status. However, because it contains personal information, please reach out directly for any referral status updates.

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I can see the page now, yay!

However, it’s showing the referral reward amounts as $100 for both basic and pro models. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It might list the $100 on the summary page @geek2nurse, but the correct total dollar amount is still applied to your orders, so no worries there.

(Mine’s showing the same thing.)

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I’m glad to hear the referral page is working for you again, @geek2nurse. As @Jules mentioned, we believe we’ve fixed the problem you were seeing and your referral values should now add up to the correct total!

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