Broken V wheel

My Glowforge broke one of it’s V wheels and glowforge got back to me and i placed an order for the wheel over a week ago and they still haven’t shipped it out. Does anyone know of any other place i can order one quick, i have lots of orders and I’m falling behind because i can’t get a V wheel. I was thinking of buying a Glowforge pro to speed up production but if this is the customer service that i can expect i will hold off and look somewhere else for another laser cutter.

Please keep in mind that you have several things happening right now. The pandemic has affected supply lines throughout the world, which makes it harder for all manufacturers to fill orders. If I recall correctly, Glowforge parts orders are filled by a third party and that also contributes to the delay.
The most important thing to remember when you are running a business based on a mechanical system from any vendor is that they will break and you will have downtime. You need to plan for that downtime. You need to be able to either move the work to another machine, have spare parts on hand, be able to pass the work to a third party, and/or talk to your customers and let them know what is happening.
Glowforge will fill your order and it will take time for them to do so. This is not due to poor customer support but due to things beyond their control. The part may even have shipped and you haven’t yet gotten the email notice, which is a pretty regular occurrence.
The Glowforge is a hobby level machine, hence the low entry price, and has a matching level of support. If you continue to run your business with this level of machine you need to have a robust backup plan in place.
I speak from experience; I ran a business with hobby level machines. They worked great and I was one of the best providers in my area, but I did have to have a robust backup plan. Mine was extra machines and extra parts on hand. Yours will need to meet your specific needs.


Hi @cesar.valdez2130. I’m so sorry our delay is impacting your ability to fulfill your own orders. I’ve just sent you an email regarding your order, so I’m going to close this topic.