Broken wheel at print head

I had posted earlier about horizontal cuts seeming to bind and jump. It seemed to get better so I thought it was debris that got caught and ultimately worked its way out. However, a couple of days ago when moving by hand you could still feel some binding. I took the print head off and one of the two black wheels had broken and split. I was able to remove broken wheel completely. Now the head seems to move perfectly. My question is two fold; 1) how do I get the broken wheel replaced, and 2) is it okay to continue printing with the broken wheel removed. It seems to be working just fine. I should note that I have had my Glowforge plus about six weeks.

There has been a bunch of those recently
By posting here you have opened a support ticket, the company will be in touch. I don’t know but I suspect that running with only one wheel would increase the load on the remaining one next to it, but you should be ok because
if I’m not mistaken they will send you a new carriage assembly.

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You need to post a picture so support can confirm and send a replacement. They can send just a replacement wheel if it’s a more recent machine.

You should not operate it without all wheels, the head is not fully supported and if it was to drop off the gantry while operating it might cause more damage.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag. I’d be happy to work on providing the next steps for replacing the damaged wheel you referenced. I’ll close this thread, and reach out to you directly via email to work on the next best steps.

Thank you!