Broken wheel guide on print head

Like many of you, I just had a little wheel on my print head snap in half. I didn’t realize there was many of us until I searched for the topic haha I have a crazy amount of things to get done this week and I was hoping to catch someone on the chat feature on the site to get some help a bit quicker, but I did email last night when it happened as well. Any ideas when there is availability for the chat? I’m on EST on I figured noon would be a good time but no luck so far. Also, what other spare parts do you all keep laying around in case of emergencies? My machine is only 2 months old and I was not expecting to have any problems so early on! :frowning_face:

Aww, I am sad to see that. Do you think that the preload on your wheels is/was very high? It looks like over time the plastic fatigues all around and cracks.
Do the pieces fit cleanly or is there distortion from the failure. I’d be very inclined to attempt a temporary repair by gluing with super glue. Need to work very neatly and precisely to not introduce a wobble. Worth a try?

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I made my husband attempt a fix to try to get as much done as I can in the meantime and we did actually end up supergluing it! It’s working alright… for how long is to be determined haha

YAY, I’d get a backup for sure. If you have a spare, the repair will last forever. Murphy’s Second Law.

“Made my husband attempt a fix” Yikes! :sweat_smile:

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Chat was normally available during business hours Pacific, so your guess would be correct - but 90% of the company is working from home so (I believe) they don’t have access to that system.

For the future you want to only use one channel - they will have to find, verify, and close this topic before they respond to your email (mailing requires private info so they won’t do it on the public forum). You’ll see someone come here and post something like “I see you’ve sent us an email so I’ll respond there” and then you’ll get an email shortly after that :slight_smile:

The bonus of that part being an easy one is they should be able to get you back on track in the time it takes to mail it out.

Oh no, I’m so sorry you ran into trouble so soon! I’ve just sent you an email with the next steps to get this resolved, so I’m going to close this thread.