Broken Wheel / no support from GF

I posted last week about my broken wheels and it seems that this is a problem due to a “bad batch”. My post created a ticket, so I got an email the next day asking for my shipping address. I replied immediately, but did not get any confirmation or answers to questions I had asked, such as how long it will take to ship, and why is this happening.

Has this happened to you? How long did it take to get new carriage wheels, and how easy/hard was the replacement process? Trying to figure out when I can get back up and running.

I am so frustrated by the whole process. Partly because I can’t just call and talk to a live person. Had I known this was a common issue, I would have appreciated (and paid for) an option to order parts ahead of time “just in case”. It seems that with so many people using GF to run a business, there should be more communication and proactive steps to avoid this known issue. I looked through many posts on the forum, but didn’t find anything on replacement process and how long it took.

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I too have learned the hard way. Not being warned about the spare parts and having them on standby.

Which leads to the question: did GF really under estimate or are the more experienced GF owners stocking up?

I saw on eBay someone was selling the black lid cable for $399 and it sold!!!

This shouldn’t be happening.

Something is wrong with this picture.

It’s so frustrating. How long did it take for them to get you the new part?

Sheesh. I should sell my spare.

I expect there are many of us who have bought the spare parts they make available on the store page so we have one in reserve (I also have a lens). Maybe some people are overbuying so they can pull something like the ebay seller but I would think that was either opportunistic or that weasel who was parting out his machine before he returned the shell.

That’s the only time I’ve seen such gouging. There’s someone here who sells belts he’s been able to source elsewhere and I have a set I purchased from him. There are also posts with links to replacements for the fans from the big electronics suppliers.

Some things seem to be very proprietary - the black cable, the white cables for the lid & the head (I actually have the wire for that if anyone needs it, just need 2 connectors from Digikey), the power supply, laser tube, head & carriage and any board are all things we’re dependent on GF for. None of them have been made available yet in the store so for those we need Support.


Almost a week later, two posts and a few back and forth emails, and the question of when I can expect the parts (even just an estimate or window) gets ignored.

Is there a way to contact someone over the phone? Or create a dialogue with someone at glowforge without opening another ticket? Do I just need to wait it out and hope someone at glowforge gets back to me?

Update: wheels are on backorder with no indication of when they will be back in stock.

I am incredibly frustrated. Why is there no other way to get support when needed? There have been a few emails back and forth, but all responses I get seem to just ignore the questions I ask. Anyone else feel this way?

If you’re hoping for a staff reply, you have to post in the Problems & Support section. That’s staff monitored. I can’t say I have ever felt that way about support myself, they’ve always been helpful and on-point for me. But I doubt they have much insight to pass on about availability of parts. Manufacturing and logistics is all outsourced. In the meantime, there are 3D printed carriage and gantry wheels available on Etsy and eBay, or Thingiverse if you want to print your own.

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They do the same thing via e-mail. This section and e-mail at support get logged into the same zen desk system. They answer them theoretically the same.

Thanks! I just saw earlier that there was a free file to print your own, but I didn’t think about checking etsy.

I did already create a ticket in Problems & Support and have also sent an email, so I don’t want to slow them down even more. It’s just irritating that I asked a straightforward question, but have to wait two days for a response that doesn’t answer the question. And it seems like the wheel thing is a known issue. Anyway, thanks for the heads up on Etsy, I am probably better off going that route.

did somebody had a broken wheel on the right side? I cannot get it to screw on anymore …

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