Broken Wheel on Laser Support Housing

I purchased my Glowforge back in December and received it in February. Almost one week to the day of receiving the unit the laser stopped working. I shipped the original unit back to Glowforge and after nearly one month of waiting for a replacement, it came. I received the replacement on March 18, 2021. I had been using it for approximately nine days. During a very basic project, I noticed a small plastic piece sitting on the material that was being cut. This piece was not there when the job was started. So, after the job finished, I looked around inside the machine and I wasn’t noticing anything unusual. Then, I removed the laser unit from the magnetic support and there was another small round piece of plastic. The small wheel that supports the laser housing unit as it move along the horizontal axis was broken. Now, the laser does not sit straight while it is on the housing and I do not want to use the machine in the interim because the laser scraps along the support bar and the laser is not sitting straight.

The problem now is that I use this machine to run my business and since I am not comfortable using the machine in its current state, it just sits there, not being used. Essentially I have a $6,000 paperweight sitting in my workshop. If this is a problem with the machine and is a simple fix, maybe spare parts should be included with the machine. It is disconcerting that I have had two machine and both of them have had a problem. Additionally, the first machine was dead in the water prior to the trial of the premium service was completed. Previously, Glowforge said they would do something about that; however, I have hear nothing back from them in this regard. Glowforge, you need to do something to make this right.

When I first got the machine, I fell in love with it and was very happy with what I was able to create. Then, it stopped working and my heart was broken. Then, I got the replacement (which I’m sure is a refurbished machine which I was assured it would not be) and my love of Glowforge was back on. Then, Glowforge went and tested my love once again and stabbed me in the back. You sneaky little devil, you. Never the less, I need this machine to be working. Everyday that it’s not working I have to refund orders that are placed since I am not able to produce them. I am confident that Glowforge is going to do what ever they can to make this right, aren’t you Glowforge? In total, I’ve had a functioning machine for a month. I’ve spent more time waiting than I have actually being able to use the machine and I hear it from my husband on a regular basis.

Glowforge, is there something that I can do in the interim while I wait for your stellar customer support team to correct the issue? How long is it going to take to get this corrected? A quick respond would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Dr. Neil H.

There has been a problem sourcing those wheels during the pandemic and a number of them have broken. Fortunately, Support will be along (probably in the next two days) and can ship you new wheels that you can replace quickly and there is no need to send your machine in etc, that takes a lot longer.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit another snag with your Glowforge, and you noticed the damaged wheel. I also see that you’ve reached out to us directly via email, and I’ve sent over the next best steps to get your replacement part sent out.

I’ve also received permission to have this particular part expedited, so that we can get you back up and printing as soon as possible. I also noticed you referenced trouble with the Glowforge Premium Trial after receiving your replacement unit. I’ve made a note on your account about this, and another member of my team will follow up with some additional details, once we have the replacement wheels sent out, and tracking information supplied.

I’ll close this thread for now, but I’ve ensure that all of the information you’ve supplied is saved on your account, and we’ll continue following up directly via email.

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