Broken Wheel on right side

My husband and I were cleaning the machine and noticed that the wheel on the right side is broken. And it looks like they are out of stock - any ideas??? I have a huge show this weekend and need to finish up some projects!

Going to be difficult if not impossible to have them quickly enough to help for a weekend show, but there are wheels available through Etsy. Just have to be careful to get the correct type. Type Glowforge wheels into a Google search.


I am not sure what pully exactly you are talking about, but I bought a few from this guy and it works perfectly. I think they are 3D printed. It is a very tight fit, but that is a good thing in this case. It doesn’t slip. I got it within 3 days.
Wheel Replacement for Glowforge Belt Pulley plastic Wheel | Etsy

If this isn’t the exact one you need, search Etsy for it and see.


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