Broken wheel replacement?

I found this broken wheel while cleaning my machine… but there is NO where to order replacements from! My frustration is growing by the second because i’m already waiting on a different back ordered part.

Why is it taking support so incredibly long to deal with issues and answer emails? This is unacceptable.

Posting here opens a support ticket, so they will get back to you within 1 business day (typically.)

If you’ve already emailed about this, they will likely respond by email first, and close this discussion.

they really need to upgrade there support options. they need a PHONE number or a Live chat option. waiting days for an email for a part that should be able to be mailed out same day is not smart business.

There is a live chat option. It shows up on the website during PST business hours typically. (Covid disruptions/unpredictability not withstanding of course)

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Thank you but i have never been able to find the live chat button. Right now im just sitting here fuming because i am going to loose a LOT of money this weekend because i get to cancel fathers day orders that i can not complete due to GFs lack of support

I see you’ve also emailed us about the broken wheel and I’ve just replied there.

Also, I reached out to the team to check on the status of your other part order and we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

We’ll continue to work on this through email, so I’m going to close this thread.

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