Broken wheel under laser head: Anyone seen this before?

Hey everyone;

I am brand new to Glowforge and just bought a brand new machine! I have probably less than 10 hours on it, made a few neat things so far (and have been learning a LOT from you all!)

Today while I was printing, I noticed a piece of plastic had fallen on the print. Since nothing sounded different, nothing was on fire, and the plastic piece wasn’t in my laser path, I let it finish and then examined everything. Below are the pics of what I found.

I emailed support and expect them to be off for the long weekend, but I was wondering in the meantime if any of you have been through this particular issue before. Of course I have a million little projects in the works and cant wait to get back to them :cry:

Thank you all in advance!

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Yeah, they’re going to need to replace that wheel for you. (Been happening a few times lately, they might have gotten a bad batch of wheels, or might have had to switch suppliers.)

Thanks for the reply; I started seeing all the other similar posts right after I hit submit. Kind-of glad to see that I’m not alone!

Just have a great Memorial Day weekend with lots of barbeque, and knock out a couple of designs to try when you get the part. :grinning:

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We’re here and we will get your Glowforge repaired! I’m very sorry that you’ve had an issue so early on. I’ve replied to your email, so am going to close this thread.

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