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Trying to find a simple software for our students to use with the Glowforge. I have really enjoyed software like tinkercad for basic 3D printing and was hoping to find something similar for SVG’s. is perfect except I cannot find a way to convert the text to (expand)paths.

Open to suggestions in software I tried quite a few but seem to be striking out.

BTW The inkscape web app was freezing far too often.

I’m confused. What inkscape web app?


Hi! Welcome to the community!
Our confusion lies in the fact that Inkscape is a stand alone program you install on your machine (computer).

What browser do you use? Windows or Mac? If you don’t have an Adobe account, Inkscape is a solid alternative. There are others, I’m just familiar with Inkscape.

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The one above. The challenge isn’t what I can use I have illustrator it’s what students on a variety of computers from the ones in their classrooms to one at home. That is why I am trying to find a browser based program.

I stumbled across Gravit designer in another thread which has more options. Not as powerful as an illustrator or easy to use as vectr but may fit the bill.

On macs primarily


I am not aware of any web-based solution that runs as well as Inkscape installed onto local systems. It’s free and stable, in your situation I would encourage that.

You have multiple paid options beyond that, but obviously those are not an option.

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