Brushed aluminum dead flight pin


On a grateful dead kick the last couple projects, I’ve had this aluminum acrylic for a while now and came across some of the pins I got when i was alot younger and the airlines gave out flight pins to kids when you met the pilot(do they even still do that?) So thought I’d update it for festival season. Really addicted to all inventables acrylic styles


Nice pin! :skull_and_crossbones: And that material is super. I lament not having access to all the good stuff you guys have state side. I mean we can get it all here but $$$$.


Groovy, man! :sunglasses:


Very nice!


This is so cool! Amazing how like metal this appears.


really cool.


From here, it looks just like metal.


Oh that’s awesome. I foresee some “batarang” pins in my future.





That’s a great idea! I give styrofoam planes to kids when they go to the cockpit, but this is waaaay cooler!! :sunglasses: