Bubble in the laser tube

Hello all,
So I went through the painful steps of getting a refurbished unit since mine was having problems and was 4 days out of warranty!!!
Was told that the shipping to and from me was included in the $1700 I paid.
Long story short I got the second unit and it has a big bubble in the laser tube is this normal?
Also no return shipping label!
Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Yes. It will dissipate within a few minutes once the machine is powered on for the first time, and the coolant pump circulates the coolant.

I have never heard of any machine being shipped with a return label. They have to be paid for by the sender (GF) at the time they are created, so they would only generate one if necessary.

If you are referring to getting one in order to return your old machine, that will just be mailed to you.


Thank you! And yes I have to ship back my old machine.
By chance do you know if it makes a difference which box I ship it back in?
My original box is in great shape but the one that came today is beat up and I would rather use it to ship back my machine versus keeping it?

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You can use either box to ship your original back to Glowforge.


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