Bubble Tea Shaker Charms

I haven’t been lasering as often as I would like with craziness of the day job. However I got one little project in!

I need to experiment with glue as this is clear acrylic on white acrylic, but close up you see the imperfections with adhesive. When I have time, I need to try weld on and syringes. Still happy how these turned out.


I am using that and having a lot of problems, The liquid evaporates like it is just below boiling.

These are so sweet!

I have a funny story about bubble tea. When I went to China for work ages ago now, I asked my mom, as I always did, if she wanted anything special. She asked for bubble tea. I searched high and low and asked everyone about bubble tea. Nothing. Then I went to Taiwan for the second half of the trip, asked everyone again. Finally ended up in a tea shop where there was a young man who was excited to practice his English. He pointed me to tapioca pearls. I bought a bag. Then my host surprised me with another bag. Came home and realized that tapioca pearls were readily available in my area in the supermarket! My mom never made bubble tea and she had those two bags of tapioca pearls forever. I still laugh whenever I see them in the store. Since then, bubble tea became trendy here in the states, but I don’t love it. Still makes me smile, though.


I had a tiny bottle of similar chemical (probably same as weld on) using eye needles to transfer the liquid and I had to work quick, it was frustrating as if that drips, the project was ruined.

I read if you have it a syringe, it’s much easier to work with as it has less air hitting it for it to evaporate as quickly. And so many videos people using it with a syringe with ease. Just need time to experiment


Bubble tea was a huge thing when it came to Canada maybe 20 years ago(?) And it was confusing for those new to it. Now it expanded to slushies and milkshake types, there is something for everyone if you find a good place that makes them. Maybe try it with coconut jelly, not everyone likes the pearls

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Yeah, this was about 17 years ago, so that’s about right!

So cute… the blue one looks like it has eyes! :slight_smile:

Well done!


I keep the can of it in a glass jar with a metal lid the can is tightly closed and the jar tightly closed, and yet it hisses like opening a can of soda from the pressure buildup when opened, The flexi-bottle and needle have their own jar but the needle is so thin it is hard to get a half cc into the bottle and then control it leaving but just set out that half cc would evaporate away in minutes while you tried to hold the parts in place where the tiniest bit off and you are too late, and will not move ever unless it is perfect and then it jumps about before welding solid. Anything left in the squeeze bottle will be gone in minutes if the bottle is sealed in the jar or in a minute if not.

The glue dance is what I like least about acrylics.

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It does have eyes and a mouth! Failed attempt, thought it would be more noticeable, I think the acrylic was extruded :roll_eyes:

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Saw it not! Even cuter! :heart_eyes:

Adorable !

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