BUG: App shows "drag a file anywhere" during a print


I happened to drag something on my computer while the GF app was printing something.

It greyed everything out and gave the “drag a file anywhere” prompt.

That prompt should be disabled during printing (I didn’t drop to find out what happens).

BTW: If there is a better means of reporting bugs, point me at it.


I don’t think that’s a bug. The job has already been dumped to the machine. The GFUI is free to move onto the next job setup. You won’t get an updated bed image until the first job completes though.


Interesting; if setting up the next job is supported, then there needs to be a button on the printing progress window.

I see I can click in the Home link at the top and bop over to my design library and start afresh, but that’s totally non-obvious.

If I click out of the job window, then how do I cancel an in progress print?

However, I’m totally stoked to know that I can start configuring the next job while the current job is burning away. Handy!

  1. There’s always opening the lid.
  2. I believe if you click the countdown timer in the upper-right it allows you to cancel in the job-in-progress. Not 100% on that though since usually when I need to cancel a job it’s because I’m looking at the running job at the machine and notice something, so I just open the lid.


A modal dialog referring to the next job, over the current dimmed out job-in-progress timer and cancel button… If that isn’t a bug, it is sure a clumsy feature.


That’s a completely separate window. Kind of like you can have a Printing Status window open chugging away on a 200-page Word document, and also start writing your next document in Word.


Thanks @Tom_A, that’s correct. If you click on the timer you are able to cancel the current print through the cancel button.