Bug in Settings Accounts Page wrt Browser used (Resolved)

In my account page there is a list of ‘Recently used Devices’. It states I am using Google Chrome, which is most assuredly NOT the case. I use Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0. Here is the relevant snip of the settings page:

Edit: Of course this is a Discourse bug. But I’m assuming that the GF will route it appropriately because without special arcane knowledge it’s impossible to know how to post this to Discourse.

Historically we have seen response from Discourse by tagging them - @discourse

You can also reach them on Twitter. They were very responsive there.

Yes, but some time ago they said they were going to stop using that channel. IIRC, with the growth in their user base they couldn’t adequately track bugs submitted that way any longer.


Good to know. But IMHO that’s the wrong model. I don’t go directly to other suppliers of Glowforge the company when there are problems in their sub-assemblies. Why do I have to do it for Discourse? It should be on Glowforge to get the bugs to the right supplier. But just my opinion.

except the issue here is a discourse bug, not a glowforge bug. so you could try to talk to GF about it, but then you’re just introducing a middle man.

I wasn’t advocating anything, just supplying info. But let’s face it, this is about the tiniest of bugs ever. I’d rather GF spend their time working on their own product. :slight_smile:

Did someone call? :wink:

@AhnoldZ is correct, we wouldn’t normally see these tags any more as we have thousands of sites, but I was checking some recent correspondence and came across this.

Sorry the information on your usage was inaccurate. This is a new feature we are still working on to track the access and also give a chance to help admins watch for suspicious activity, so there will be inaccuracies, but we would like it to be as accurate as possible.

I will pass this on to the person developing it.

If you wanted to report it, probably the best is to create a profile on meta.discourse.org or ask the admins to pass it on. We are all helping to build and improve Discourse together, so I appreciate that this involves a bit of work for you but it does help the wider community.

Thanks for letting us know


Robert (Community Advocate at Discourse)


Thank you kindly for your attention to this matter!

(And I’ll test out the ‘Not You?’ button on the feature as needed. I never use Android and it was listed as a device I used.)

Support - you can close this thread.


This format is great, easy to use and feature packed compared to many sites. I wish the Tesla forum was as oganized. Thanks for your time! :sunglasses: