Bug in the "fan not running" tests

One to be passed onto the software department please. I think there is a bug in the fan speed tests.

Recently I have started getting the “air assist fan is not running at the correct speed” a lot.

Then I started getting it on both machines at the same time.

At first I would clean down the fans and only sometimes would it fix the problem.

I have since found that cleaning the contacts on the plate and print head fixes the problem every time.

Why I think this is a new software bug is (a) it has suddenly started happening a lot and (b) it will suddenly happen on both my machines at the same time, but NOT when I have moved the heads, but when I am starting the next job on both machines.

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Hello @sqw

Thanks for reaching out and providing that feedback, that’s certainly something I’ll relay to the team and we’ll keep an eye out for concerning trends.

The contacts being dirty is certainly something we’ve seen lead to issues with how data from the air assist fan is interpreted, so cleaning them is a great step. Additionally, checking to make sure these contacts spring back into place when pressed down is a good idea as well.

If a contact gets stuck in the pressed in position it could cause similar issues.

I’ll go ahead and close this topic as it sounds like you were able to get your issue taken care of, but I appreciate you reaching out with your feedback!

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