Bug: Linked PNGs in a SVG shift after Autosave

I had some large PNGs shift when I opened up the file again. It only seems to happen if I moved the objects. The next time the file is opened the PNGs are shifted.

I printed my file fine in one operation, just wanted everyone to know that it might be a bug with autosave.

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To clarify, does the artwork shift to the same place that you moved it to? Autosave also saves the location of your artwork. If you move your artwork, then exit out of the design, then open the design again, the artwork will appear where it was when you exited the design. It will not appear where it was when you uploaded the original design.

If the artwork is shifting to a place where you didn’t put it, can you take a video of what happens and post it here or email it to me at support@glowforge.com?

The svg vector shapes remain in place. It is the “placed” PNGs that shift.

Does that help, or do you need a video to reproduce?

Had kind of the same thing happen to me. It shifted on the print screen, not the bed screen. I went back into AI and relinked the png and that corrected it.

Yep. It wasn’t a big deal for me. I just wanted it documented.

Thanks for clarifying.

If you’re able, please do take a video or screenshots of the issue so we can take a look.

Thanks very much.

Here is a screen recording

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Thanks for providing the video. I’ve passed this on the the team. Since you’re good to go, I’ll go ahead and close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new thread. Thanks again for letting us know about this!