Bug: new colour scheme, move to select which cut strength and everything gets highlighted

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hover over thumbnail in left panel, correct items get highlighted in main screen
  2. Click mouse to open the cut selection panel, correct items still highlighted
  3. Move mouse over to select the actual cut setting required, the whole design is highlighted.
  4. Move mouse back over to thumbnail again and the correct items are highlighted once again.

When you go to select the actual settings you want and you can’t see what items you are selecting makes this really irritating.

I really, really want the old highlighting method back again. It was easy to see and easy to use - never once did I query what was being highlighted. And yes, I’ve tried all the colour schemes. Just make the highlighed item a different colour

I’m sorry! It is hard to keep track of and I erred for safety if you delete your I can delete mine and it can go back.

It is discussed from the Dashboard under Latest Improvements.

@sqw Thank you so much for your suggestion. We love to know how we can improve our app, so I’ve passed your feedback on to our team.

You can find all of our most recent Latest Improvements with the link below.

After reviewing the description the app is functioning as expected. I am going to close the forum post but If you ever have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.