Bug report - Saving a preset with "auto" as the focus height does not work

Summary of problem:
Can not save a custom preset with “auto” as the focus height after having a custom value.

Steps to reproduce problem:
Create an engraving preset for a raster image.
Choose a custom focus height
save - works as expected, the custom focus height is saved
Select a proof-grade material
select the custom engraving preset
DELETE the value in focus height
says “auto”
Save the preset
Reload the page, or select another preset and return to the custom preset
The “auto” value is gone and the unwanted numeric custom value stays

Expected behavior:
when I delete the value set in focus height AUTO should be saved
Ergo: by having no custom focus height set I want the default focus height that is tied to the proofgrade material.

I suspect this problem happens because the server POST variable for the custom preset save() action AJAX call is empty, hence POST[‘focus_height’] is null or empty and no code has been written to handle this the way a human would expect, ergo the old value I have typed in returns preventing me from “deleting” the value and allowing the default value of “auto” to work as expected.

Suggestions for fix:
Write conditional code to handle the fact that humans may want to delete the value saved in focus_height and what that should mean to the machine is “we want nothing here, make this value return to the default of auto”. This good practice can be accomplished simply be checking if the value is numeric, and if not, well then it should be empty and save over the user’s previous value.

Or- create a session variable for the AUTO value of focus height for the material selected, and show it to us so we know “oh, ok, the auto value for this material is X for the focus height”

Or- drop in a checkbox next to focus height so we can send you a Boolean value of T/F if we want to use the AUTO value of the material we have selected.

Custom preset with focus height



Simple patch idea: Add a checkbox that says “use default” and now you dont have to get crazy with conditional statements for null POST values.

GUI Improvement Note-
As a user I should be informed of “what auto is” when I select a material, either here [below], in the material selection area, or, on some kind of inspection/info panel that tells me what you have decided “auto” means. (visually disambiguate the ambiguous reference to the variable use of the word ‘AUTO’ somewhere on the page for the user to understand what it’s value is based on the material they select)

It’s not the error you think it is. When you have a material selected (or an certified height entered) it no longer says “auto” - it says whatever the programmed thickness of that material is.

If you load the design fresh, and haven’t selected any thickness, it’ll show auto - but as soon as you click anything to do with material it shows that thickness.

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I’m not positive, but I think I understand what you’re trying to do. Unless you’re trying to avoid the one more step of ‘set focus’, you can just do that, then choose the saved settings that you created. I was cutting some card stock…did set focus and when it was finished doing that, I chose my custom cut/engrave/score settings.

I’m sorry you ran into trouble when trying to save “auto” into the focus height field of your custom settings. Thank you for the detailed report including screenshots and steps to reproduce. I’ve shared your notes and images with our team so we can look into this further, and we’ll post an update once we have additional information.

I wanted to let you know that the team is still investigating this. I’m afraid I don’t have any further details at this time, but we’ll keep digging into it on our end. Thank you again for your report that brought this to our attention.