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I’m using up PG scraps, so to save time I’m putting several (same height) materials in the bed at once. In the interface I place my artwork on the various pieces, then choose the PG settings for the items I want to cut using the first material, we’ll say medium maple plywood, and click the arrow to show the settings (155/full), then click off the window to keep them rather than going back to the default “cut” setting.

Then I switch the selection to my next material, say medium clear acrylic, so I can set the items I want to cut from that. But now all the items I previously set to 155/full have changed to 157/full, which is the default cut setting for acrylic.

Shouldn’t it stay on the settings that have been selected in the fly-out window, once I’ve opted to use custom settings, regardless of whether the settings chosen are PG settings or not?

Lol. I’d say consider the target audience. As an expert user, you may be coloring outside the lines here. I can see them saying this is operating as expected as they don’t expect general people to cut different materials at once.

If I cut a bunch of stuff with custom setting and then want to rerun the same job with acrylic, it’d be nice creature comfort to have the gf :proofgrade: auto change all my settings at once to acrylic or whatever I tell it.

It’s safer to choose either only 1 material or go all custom settings. But I don’t think it’s a bad idea. It just introduces more complexity I don’t think people will intuitively understand. And we all know how the gf lawyers feel about that.


I think that if you have a QR code or material selection those settings will override any custom settings and this is by design. The UI is not set up for multiple materials. If you want different settings for different parts, you will have to set an unknown material and manually set the settings.

This is part of the whole Proofgrade experience - if you use a QR code or enter the material the UI will assume, since that is how the machine is designed to be used, that is the only material on the bed and will give you the settings for that one material so you get the proper experience.

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BUT it is also set up to allow me to change those settings if I so desire, which is why it changes from “Cut” to the actual settings in the thumbnail–to show that I’ve selected my own settings for that part of the design. Once it changes to custom settings, it should not change the numbers. If the desired action is for it to reset them to the new material selected, then it should change the thumbnail to “Cut” again, not change the “custom” numbers.

So what you’re saying is, if it’s by design it should also change the label back to “cut” and not show the default “cut” settings?

And if not, lock the settings that you manually changed.

I’d say it’s by design and less a bug and more of a design oversight.

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Yes. Because when I glance down the column to make sure I’ve set everything, I’m just looking to see that numbers have been entered; I don’t have all the settings memorized to know instantly whether they’re what I set them to or not.

When I was coding, we called those “bugs.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shouldn’t you be saving this as a custom setting? Then it will stay that way instead of reverting.

I don’t want it as a custom setting; it’s already a PG setting and my list of settings is already longer than I want it to be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just want to use multiple PG settings in the same job without them changing when I’m not looking. And I know not everyone does that. That’s how users ferret out bugs for programmers – by doing things the programmer didn’t think of!

There are lots of workarounds, yes. I know them. But what I’m pointing out is the behavior isn’t logical, and the developers probably want to know about it, at least I would have back when I was one. PG settings are denoted in the thumbnails with the words “cut,” “engrave,” or “score.” Custom settings are denoted with numbers. The expected behavior is that PG settings will adapt to whatever material option you choose, but custom settings will remain how you set them. It’s not doing that in this use case. I’m just letting them know!


It seems logical to me. If I was cutting some acrylic and some maple and the material at the head was acrylic I would look at the maple settings and then in the parts that were maple go to the acrylic settings and change them to the maple settings.

I’m sorry for the trouble this caused when trying to set up your print. I was able to reproduce what you’ve described:

  • Select a material
  • Select a PG setting for one print step
  • Click to expand the setting to show it as a manual setting
  • Select a different material, and the setting updates to the defaults for the current PG material selected

If no change is made to the original Proofgrade settings, it is still identified as a default setting and will update automatically when a different material is selected. Once one of the values has been changed (even if only changed by 1 unit) the custom settings persist even when a new material is selected.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention @geek2nurse! I’ll share your detailed report and what I’ve reproduced on my end with our team. I’ll follow up here if we need additional information while looking into this further.

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I appreciate your patience while our team reviewed this further. We’ve now logged a request for a feature change to address this and it’s been noted that it came from one of our community members. I’m going to close this thread. Thank you again for your detailed report!

As always, if you run into trouble or have questions for us, please reach out and we’ll be happy to assist you!