Bug - While GF is paused, timer is still running in the background

Reporting a bug where when pausing a print, the timer is still running in the background. I paused it at 36 minutes, when i came back, and started it back up, timer was at 18 minutes. The timer reached 0, and the app says it is cooling down, but the print is still running.

Worth noting, but pause is not meant for you to leave the machine unattended except for the briefest period of time. You should not leave the machine unattended for an extended period while paused.

I don’t disagree, but things come up on longer cuts. I’m just stating a simple bug.

I have had this happen before, and it was usually when I was having wifi connection issues. I never had an issue with it, though

Not to be argumentative, but as I recall when it was released they told us we could leave it paused as long as we needed to…

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I heard that, too

Do what you please. I just know I won’t leave my machine unattended, and the manufacturer seems to agree.

“Something” = cats, small children, etc. It’s not going to restart itself. :slight_smile:

Guess you’ve never had a computer do something uncommanded.

Regardless, my statement was simply that the machine should not be left unattended, which is what is stated in the manual.

I’m not saying your advice is bad. But it’s your advice, and should be phrased as such. When we asked how long it could be paused the response was pretty much for as long as we needed it to be paused. I’m too tired to go find the discussion for you, and you can search just as well as I can.

What would be the point of a pause button if you can’t/shouldn’t leave it. Regardless, I’am just bringing up a bug in their software that can be patched out. It didn’t effect anything, but may cause confusion, and wasted time for people cancelling when they didn’t need to.

Correct. You can pause as long as you like, I never disputed that. I merely pointed out that the machine should not be left unattended while paused, which is what Glowforge states. Not quite sure how that advise is “my own” when I am directly quoting the manufacturer.

Someone recently posted that their paused job didn’t resume correctly after the resumed from (something like) an hour long trip to run errands. Assuming the machine could not restart is extremely dangerous.

Sorry, I just felt like Dan’s “try to be helpful but not authoritative” (:try_to_be_helpful_but_not_authoritative:) request is being forgotten a lot recently. Your “it’s not meant for…” phrasing just seemed kind of more on the authoritative side of the equation, especially when that’s not how it was presented to us when it was rolled out. It’s good advice, I only objected to the phrasing. :slight_smile:

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ulp! I never saw that before.


They recently expanded the instructions. (They’ve got a whole new section for Instructions now that’s really nice. And i’m sad to say, I didn’t see it right away either…too much other stuff going on.) They snuck one in on us. :slightly_smiling_face:

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To your original comment, OP, if my memory is correct (which it most certainly fails me often), the timer has always continued running as long as we have been able to pause the print. So I would think GF is aware of this.

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Also during cool down pauses. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the report.

We’re seeing this too and we’re looking into it.

I’m going to close this thread - if you see anything else, go ahead and post a new topic.