Bug with cancelling prints by pressing ESC

Set up a print, click print in the GFUI, wait for the scan and ready to print, but don’t press the flashing button. Press ESC on the keyboard and observe that the print window closes. Click the GF icon in the upper left corner to go back to the home page. Open a different design. Click print.

Expected behavior: New design scans, uploads, and prepares to print.
Actual behavior: The previous design reappears.


Might have been unintended consequences from the everything is saved option.
Reset on 3 dots still?

Seems like pressing esc hides the window, but doesn’t ‘close’ it the way that pressing cancel would do. Pretty sure that if you clicked on the print button again at that point the print/preview window would pop back up, ready to run your print.
That must then confuse the app if you try to load a new design into the “processed and ready to print” area.


Thanks @jbv, that’s right! Please click “CANCEL” on the Print Window to cancel your print. I’ll pass on the feedback, too.

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