Building a Bench so I can wait for my Glowforge

I just finished a Bench that I built for my Wife out of 2X4s. I figured it was a great project for getting ready for the Glowforge because now I will have a place to sit while I am waiting on my porch for my Glowforge to arrive… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…That is When I finally get that :glowforge: email telling me when its coming… :incoming_envelope:

P.S. - I found the plans online here on The Idea Room Blog. It has all the cuts that you need to make as well as step by step instructions.


Nice bench! :grin:


Beautiful, though I’ll always sideeye a waste of a perfectly good space to hold stuff underneath

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I’m the same way. :smirk:
My wife on the other hand is the opposite.
:wink: She wants things as simple as possible.

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I like it! A counted cross stitch bench cover would finish it off nicely.


It looks great for 2x4 construction. But, like @zaplocked said, I’ll need a bench that accommodates storage below as much as I like the ascetics of this design.


Im all about functionality in design, but sometimes you have to design something to fit your surroundings, not to fit your junk. Especially if its outside the house…

So, well done! Im sure the UPS man will be happy to take a breather on that after carrying that forge up to the door =P


yeah i mean, storage in an outside bench like that just means another place for critters to live.


It looks great. Especially that it was done with 2x4s. I may have to build one with the kids. What stain did you use on it? I really like the dark color.


Wish my Hubby was useful like that… Mine doesn’t even know what a hammer is used for lol Awesome job, I’d be proud to own that.

It’s used to make music :notes::speaking_head:It’s Hammertime… Can’t touch this :tada::musical_note:


Thanks everyone :blush: it was a fun project to make.

That came out sweet! Thanks for the link.

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