Bulk print with Inkscape how to copy

I want to create multiple keychains that will be two sided. I created the keychain in Inkscape with three layers, one for cut, one for engrave and one for the back design.

What is the best way to duplicate this multiple times so I can make 20 copies of the keychain and retain the layers? I have tried a couple things in inkscape, but I lose the layers on the copy. Should I or can I do this in glowforge app?

Glowforge won’t recognize the layers, so keeping those intact won’t affect the actual lasering. Cuts, engraves, and scoring are keyed off of the design colors rather than the layers.

That said, if you want to keep the layers distinct for your own future editing needs, I’m not sure what the best workflow would be to duplicate them.

Oh! Actually the Duplicate function (Ctrl+D) preserves layer information. Use that instead of Ctrl+C | Ctrl+V

Better yet, use clones.

That way of you need to change all of them you only need to modify the master objects.

Get to know the “tiled clones” feature of inkscape, you won’t regret it.


I have found that if there are Images you can copy/paste in the GFUI and you will have just one set of layers, If not it is color and not layers that are important so you can group all you want and only the colors will decide what layer they are in the GFUI.

As for arranging the Array I have not mastered the clones but Inkscape has a number of ways of doing so including rectangular arrays,

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