Bulls Eye Shellac

Does anyone use Bulls Eye Shellac on wood before lasering? If so, how long do you let it dry before lasering? I think it will be fine, just wanted to check with someone with experience before I do something to damage my machine. Thanks so much for any advice!!!

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Shellac will not damage your laser, especially in the tiny quantities you will be vaporizing. It’s primary combustion resultants are CO, CO2, and formaldehyde. You don’t want to breathe the smoke, but provided you have adequate ventilation and/or are not running large amounts of treated wood through the laser, or engraving large areas, you will be fine. The laser isn’t the issue; it is your personal exposure.

When in doubt about a material and/or coating, look up the SDS or MSDS and find the combustion byproducts. Anything with HCl or HFl should be avoided like the plague as these compounds will destroy your laser in a very short time. Vinyl is one of the leading culprits of laser destruction as it contains polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which decomposes into hydrochloric acid (HCl), in enough quantity that one short cut can destroy your machine.


@ben1 Thank you so much for the information and answering my questions!! I have great ventilation and I’m gonna give it a try! :grinning: -Pam

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Shellac is fine once it is completely dry (see the can for guidance) – if you’ve used Proofgrade woods, you’ve lasered shellac (it’s on all finished proofgrade woods).


@dwardio I had wondered if Proofgrade had shellac, thank you so much for your help!!! :grinning: - Pam

I know this isn’t exactly helpful to the post itself, but as I was scrolling I did not see it say Shellac…I saw bulls eye :moneybag: …if you know you know xD

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