so i’ve been cutting all morning and all of a sudden i get the below message… of course nothing has touched the machine and there is a strange noise to go along with… thoughts?

Well… now orange light…

Maybe check the belts to see if a small piece of waste material got into the teeth?

What kind of noise?

i can’t find anything… a grinding noise

Is the head at an edge/corner of the cutting area when you hear grinding? Maybe turn the machine off, move the head to the back-left corner, and try again?

Is the laser head sitting flat in the carriage?

Also check to see if anything is obstructing the fans.


I would add to what the others have suggested, make sure the material you’re cutting isn’t overlapping onto the plastic frame of the honeycomb tray at the sides. It should be positioned only on the metal portion of the tray, or the gantry can hit it while cutting.

You can also turn the machine off and move the head gently side to side, and the gantry from front to back, and see if you notice any resistance anywhere. That might give a clue as to where the problem is.

Also, happy birthday!


so strange. i took out everything nothing there so just blew it off and poof… fixed! nothing that i saw anywhere that would cause that grinding sound,
so i’m still a bit concerned. Thanks for the help everyone!


You probably had some little bit of debris on one of the rails that eventually got pushed off, which resolved the issue. :slight_smile:


thank you!

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There are two different scenarios for the machine to make grinding / squealing noises. One is if the belts are loose. In that case the teeth on the belt will jump the teeth on the motor pulley, and very possibly damage the belt.

The second way sounds worse, but actually does no damage. If the head or arm are blocked from being able to move, and the belt is tight, then the motor will stall. It makes a very alarming squealing sound, but the noise is not made by parts slipping - rather the motor is slipping electrically inside.

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