I am getting beyond frustrated . My machine keeps stopping while I am trying to cut and I cannot finish a project. Nothing is in the way . this is a refurbished unit and I have had nothing but problems. I have orders scheduled to go out and my reputation is in jeopardy. ny suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I do not know what to do . Crying over here :frowning:

Just to clarify, the cut starts and then stops?
Telling support the time of the operation and the time zone you’re in will help them zero in on the machine logs.

Yes It starts the cut and then stops shortly after :frowning: I hit restart and it stops in the same place . Then I tried again it went an inch farther and then stopped In the meantime it is wasting my materials :frowning: I believe they have logs that should show the time this is happening ? Not sure why that would help though . What would cause it to do this I just need to try and fix it so I can complete this order :frowning:

@PrintToLaser is correct – they will ask you for the date and time (including your timezone) so they can look at the logs. Helping them help you is your best approach here.

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Hmm, that’s odd, because the machine downloads the entire motion plan before the start button is pushed.

Support will get to the bottom of it.
They will probably ask you to print the “Gift of Good Measure”, a known file, on proof grade material and show pictures of the result. That file demonstrates all the actions the laser can do.
You could save some back and forth time by having those ready for them.

Ok Thank you .

Where do I find this file?

It should be in your dashboard. If it isn’t you can reset the design under the “…” option menu.

Found it thank you !

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I put proof grade draft board in there but it is not reading the bar code it wants me to select material .

I did a very small test maybe I should have made it larger as it had no problems but there was not a lot of cutting ?

Went back and tried to cut the file I needed. It got a little farther and BAM BUMPED !!!

When you say “bumped” do you mean it’s hitting something? Have you checked the rails and belts for debris? Is the air assist fan hitting a piece of the work? It’s kind of hard to help without a lot of detail.
Can you print the gift of good measure or does that stop as well?


Are you getting any kind of message when it stops?

Any chance you’re using magnets to hold things down? That could use your machine to stop.

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Hi @sherriemarie1976 - I’m sorry to hear you’re still having trouble. I’ve just come across the email ticket you’d sent in and sent along some follow up steps. I’d like to take a look at the wheels on the sides of your laser arm.

Since we’ve already been in touch via email I’m going to go ahead and close this topic, and we can finish up via email.