Burke Mountain shadow box


Made this for my father-in-law’s 89th birthday. Would you believe he still skies to this day?!!

Used 6 layers of :proofgrade: medium: maple, cherry, walnut, draft (spacer) and basswood.


Hey! Burke Mountain in SW British Columbia perchance?


He’s going to love that!

Oh, yes he will! Great shadow box!

Really nice! (I love the Squirrel)

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Vermont - Northeast Kingdom.

I drove past Burke all the time going to and from RPI and NH, always looked great.

Currently in Utah skiing solitude and park city wooot.

It sure is a nice piece of the world. We do not live that close to them though - central of upstate NY.

The secret to skiing is to stop falling down.


It would be easier if the ground stopped leaping up and grabbing me by the face.


Even the broken femur 2 years ago didn’t stop him… got to admire the drive!


It’s a lovely shadow box, and it looks like you included some of his favorite runs on the mountain!

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Very nice looking piece.

This is gorgeous. Would love to make a mountain biking one for my father.

Great idea! I was daunted at first to tackle a shadow box, but this is my second one, and feel more confident now. I have another one in mind including a bike as well, but Amsterdam centered. Think canal and cable houses.