Burner gifts

Tickets for Alma Burn, a regional Burning Man festival, go on sale tomorrow. Last time I went, I learned that at Burning Man, and these little regional ones, no money changes hands while you are there. One of the things people do is make stuff, artsy or otherwise, to trade with people. This year’s theme is “Burn Scout Jamboree”. So I’m making little ‘merit badges’ as my tradable. The wood ones are the simplest and showcases the design. The other one is made with some scrap leather, from a another project that will be showcased at a later date. I added holes so it can be sewn onto something.


Very nice. Everybody will love them.

This year I made 1250 packs of four postcards as my gift. The photos were from the previous three years and there were five different images. Yup, each pack only had four out of the five images. :wink:

Can’t wait to see what you do with the leather.