Burning edges, not burning through,

Cutting puzzles, 1/4 mdf masked… I have cut 40 or so of these in the last 4 days… exactly the same way, same program, same mdf, same mask… now its burning the edges yet not burning through the mdf. I have tried several pieces and even a med draftboard from GF. Cleaned everything, emailed GF, sent in pics of lense, mirror, ect… might I add I have ONLY had my GF for a week. Last email from GF was at 1015 this morning I immediately answered them and nothing! I’m ready to cry I have orders stacking up and feel like I’m not getting any help!

Can you post a picture here? Frist thing i would check is that the focus lens is in the correct way around. with the cup side up and there should be an indicator arrow on the side as well depending on the age of your unit.

Support will need you to print the Gift of Good Measure on Medium Draftboard with default settings, and post pics of the front and back. They can then check the logs to see if there are issues with the print, or if the machine needs to be replaced.

I have done that already, then support asked for pics of the mirror, lenses…

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That was this morning and nothing back… my gift of good measure didnt cut through and is burning the edges.

Is that how it was removed. If so it was in upside down. It should be installed with the arrow pointing towards the top of the machine

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Which way should the arrow be?

Point the arrow towards the Glowforge Logo Bug on top of the head when you put it in…

There is something wrong with the settings.

The ruler graduations, center design, and circle size labels are engraved on the surface - there is no way you should be seeing them on the back side. All of those should be as lightly marked on the front as that inner score line just inside the perimeter of the design.

Go to the ‘[…]’ menu and hit reset design, then try again.


Ok flipped the lense over going to try the good measure again

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This is what it should look like with the correct settings (this is before masking is removed):

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It’s going now… mine is so much darker than that

Are you still using proofgrade settings.

MDF is horribly messy - have you cleaned your machine during those 4 days? 5 lenses/mirrors at the minimum

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.