Burning the fine points

I am trying to cut the attached file (it is the University of Washington “W”). I need to get the depth of the cut to between 1/8" and 1/4", which I have done, but in the process I am burning off the points of the “W” - i.e. the point created between the first down-stroke and first up-stroke.

I have tried cutting an outline but need to get the laser away from those points once they are cut in. I am doing this on a piece of Ash Burl (which I think is complicating the issue).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Apologies, the file posted is a PNG, I am having issues getting the SVG to load. Will keep trying.

To clarify, I am losing the tips of the triangles - everything else comes out fine.
Asset 1.svg.zip (24.9 KB)

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Your picture did not load. The Glowforge software was improved to minimize the burned corner problem, but it something about this file is problematic. You can try speeding up the cut, reducing the power and doing more than one pass.

Sharing the file would be helpful for others to help you.


You could make all of the right sides down to the point one color and all of the left sides a second color.… This would give it time to cool down before it made the connecting point.


Thank you! I will give that a try along with the prior suggestion to adjust the laser. I’ll let you know how that works.

I have had trouble with Ash turning to ash, and burl would make the problem worse. You want the windows under the left side of the gantry and the left side of the head to be well-cleaned as any blurring of the beam will increase the burning probability.

As a last resort, I have made the wood as wet as possible and wiped a tissue across it so it is all even. It will still dry and burn where the laser hits but not burn farther. Sometimes on the second cut


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