Burnt belt

So incredibly disappointed in my GF. Got it in March, have already had to have it replaced once. I keep it clean and actually do not use it that much. Had a small fire today using proofgrade material and it burnt the belt. Now what?

How did it catch fire?

Sorry to hear this. Belts can be replaced.


Support will be along soon. I had a similar issue. Replacing the belt is not hard. I learned so much about my GF when I had to take the belt off and replace it.

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I was using proofgrade material that was masked and caught fire.

Well to be honest the fire is not the fault of the machine. This is why they stress never leaving it unattended. Hopefully it’s just the belt which is an easy fix.

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Yes, I fully understand that it is not supposed to be unattended,
but I also can’t just stand there and stare at it for 45minutes. Maybe they should have made a camera in their app so that you can see it while it is working. Yes, I know I can buy a camera to prop on it to watch it, yet another thing to buy on an already expensive piece of machinery.

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. I see you also emailed us about this and I just replied there with the next steps. I’ll continue to work with you through email, so this post will be closed.