Burnt Mirror part

 I just received my basic today after a much anticipated wait.  When I unboxed and got everything set up, I realized I had to go to the store to create a window insert for the vent.   I tried out one of the "recommended first prints" and nothing was happening.  After doing some quick research online and sending an email, I found my mirror component had the surface material charred and had melted one of the rings and the white plastic piece inside the head.  I was emailed saying I would have to return the unit and I would get a new one?  I'm not sure if I'm just getting a new mirror (which I assume would be a much cheaper and much faster fix) or if I'm waiting another month or two to receive another machine and sending the whole thing back?

 I guess underlying issues like misalignment from the lenses and windows could cause it, but it doesn't seem likely that it would cause a burn on the mirror...?  My assumption is the plastic had caused a residue to build on the mirror and the laser burnt the residue through the layer on the mirror.

 Idk, I feel like paying $2600 for a machine, waiting what seems like forever, getting a machine that has defective parts (or alignment issues), and having to wait another eternity to have one shipped while I have a multi-thousand dollar paperweight is a bit of a problem in my eyes... I had many people looking forward to me getting this thing to broaden my products but now I'm going to have to tell them I won't be getting it anytime soon even though I took off work to be home to sign for this...

Oh no! You’ll likely receive a new machine if there was damage inside the head. Sorry to see that, but they’ll get you fixed up. They are probably arranging for the replacement now if you have already been in contact with them via email. They’ll contact you again when they have it ready to ship. (It might take a few days…no idea how long the lead time is now.) :neutral_face:

Sorry to see you get a misaligned one out of the box, that’s pretty rare now. Hope they get you up and running soon.


Thanks for the reply Jules! I see you post on just about everything in the forums :rofl: I’ve been drooling over these machines for almost 2 years now and was finally able to purchase the basic. I feel like a fat kid staring at a cake who can’t eat it right now lol


That makes you a part of the club, we’ve got a guy here who eats the cake before we can get to it. :smile:

You’re going to love it once you get your next one, it’s still a stone-cold blast after 3 years! Can’t wait to see what you make with it! :grinning:


I’ve gotten just about everybody I know (friends, family, coworkers, coworkers of family members) just about as pumped as I am. I have been doing studying and will hopefully be doing plenty of testing and adding to the great forums here


Unless you have already done so a deep dive into Inkscape and Gimp does not need the Glowforge to be immediately available. That way when the Glowforge does arrive you are ready to go,


Hi @usmccorps4life,

I am so sorry to hear your Glowforge arrived in that condition. We’re doing everything we can to get you a new unit that works perfectly for you, quickly. We’ve followed up directly in email with more information to get the replacement out to you. Since we’ve connected there, I am going to close this thread.