Business card box for graduate

My son is graduating from Syracuse this week. He’s in their “iSchool” which is for information studies and entrepreneurship. Part of the program is to pitch a start-up idea, (maybe) obtain funding, run it and use it as a case study. He started a company called Lokil that helps other startups with logistics, IT needs, web sites, etc. (He has another one that is a kind of social circle for local people to share tools & expertise for things they do in common - like working on classic car restorations, motorcycles, etc where the tools can be unique and/or expensive so having someone nearby who has one or knows how to use it for tricky projects is helpful. That company matches folks up with what they have/know and what others need.)

He also was one of a dozen kids chosen as Syracuse Scholars - after you make the grade (4.0GPA) you have to be nominated by your school and then a panel of professors evaluates your portfolio of work accomplished over the 4 years (his was over 3 years since he’s graduating early). If you make it through the gauntlet you graduate with additional honors. Your parents get to sit with the Chancellor at graduation :slight_smile: The best part was we got to see his portfolio and actually find out what $60K/yr gets you in education :smile:

So I made him a business card box for graduation. It’s another laser cut baltic birch project, living hinges for the corners of the banding around the box and engraving for the University & his school in it. The lid is engraved with his name and the name of his company. The banding and the bottom are engraved with the advice Chicago’s Professor Harold Pollack said was all the financial advice you needed (he put it on an index card). Figured that’s a good way for a kid to start in his career.


What a wonderful box!!! Very nicely designed and finished, and I love the advice all over it.

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Very cool. I went to ESF which is on the same campus. That is quite the honor.

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Very nice!
Thoughtful gift, for a job well done.

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Small world eh? He’s had a good run there. And he has been fortunate - it hasn’t been one of those winters in the past couple/three years. It’s been cold there but not the 10 feet of snow that Syracuse is known for.


Professor Pollack wrote it all after an interview (for Forbes maybe?) a year ago. He said all you needed to know to manage your finances could probably be summed up in a half-dozen points on an index card. Then he went home and actually did that. It went viral and you really can’t argue with the advice. I’d be hard pressed to come up with anything else that’s not really covered in the ones Pollack wrote.

Too bad we can’t get the government to follow it too :slight_smile:


Want to know what a crazy small world it is?
I went to high school with Professor Pollack (Harold to his friends).
Great advice and a really nice present!


Woohoo! That’s cool. What an amazing coincidence. His advice is spot-on.