Business card display-truck


I finally got back around to a project that had been shelved, a business card holder in the shape of my client’s truck for him to bring to low rider/classic-truck events.

Baltic birch ply, held together with Chicago-screw axels.

The last, engraved layer is glued in place, and has cutouts where it covers the screw ends.

The outer two layers were primed white, then masked prior to cutting and engraving.

Color came from a variety of paint pens, using the masking as a stencil.

The hood was engraved using a depth map, and then finished by hand with sand paper, along with the windshield, grill, and back window.

I think he liked it, because he asked me to start on a crew-cab version based on another one of his vehicles.

It will be red.


Oh, how completely unique! You always manage to come up with out of the box ideas! :grinning:




The client posted it to his Instagram account this afternoon:


Saw it earlier on your Instagram—very cute! You win today’s 3D award!


Why would anyone want a plain ol’ business card holder … when they could have one like this?!


Awesome! Looks especially good with the large business cards.