Business Card/Social Media Holder

Great design! The inclusion of the QR is a great idea, too. It isn’t just business cards anymore!

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Do it all the time…No worries…

Yes, you can…I’ve done it both on Wood and acrylic…both scan, acrylic is sometime a little tricky to scan based on what’s behind it.

I was going to say the same for the hinge. I love it!

Nicely thought out… in today’s market everything is a work in progress…

RK’s designs are the greatest. I have purchased five of his designs now, and they all work and look terrific. Thanks.

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Thank you so much! I am so glad you like them.

Ive done a few venmo/instagram signs and engraves straight on the wood but after a while it doesnt work. Does anyone settings or tips? Greatly appreciate it!

So are you saying after a while it just doesnt scan off the wood?

Yes, I dont know why. I think the wood
Grains come out more after time and blends in witj QR code. IDK

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That’s such a clever idea! Very nicely executed, too.