What type of business is this? I get asked alot and I have no idea. Even in order to make a Facebook page it ask for three categories and I have no idea what to put so haven’t created one yet. Need help please🤦🏽‍♀️

This is a forum for discussing the Glowforge laser cutter.


What type of business you’re making a page for is something only you know. Lots of different kinds of businesses use laser cutters, from gift shops to apparel manufacturers to print shops to mealworm farms.


Welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry that you probably won’t get much help for this problem from the forum. Many of us don’t use the Glowforge for businesses, and none of us know you or what you make with your Glowforge. We can, however, offer assistance if you have a question about the operation of the Glowforge or its interface.


My Glowforge is another tool in my workshop. I don’t run a business, never sold anything.


What do you make?


The business of making and creating

If you’re wanting to start a business and need a description for what the business is, you’ll need to be more precise. Just saying ‘making and creating’ is extremely vague. For example: I make wooden signs or I make acrylic boxes. People need to know exactly what it is that you make and create.

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