Busy, busy, busy

Since I’ve had my Pro almost a month, I’ve been trying to play with it or designs every day.

Here’s some of what I’ve managed to take pictures of.

An ornament for my niece

More of the same challenge coins

A “blueprint” block on PG blue acrylic for my grandfather in law. The patent it’s from was important to him. I plan on cutting the 4 other drawings as well and adding his signature to matte board, then framing.

Ornaments for the original group of VW club friends.

I made a custom logo for a coworker who does leather work and put it on a card holder I made in AI out of the sample PG leather. Hopefully he sees use in my new found powers!

A game room sign for a good friend using painted draft board and PG acrylics. Learned a few good lessons on using Weld-On (this plumber thought it would be easy to solvent weld, nope very different that gluing PVC pipes together!). Also thought the neon green would be brighter once it bonded to the black…wrong. I left the backing paper on the letter and glued them in. Also learned at what point of a small cut it will basically vaporize the acrylic (the high five sound wave).

Some coasters on wood and mirror for friends. Used different firearm teardown blow aparts for images.

A layered acrylic shield for my wife.



LOVE the blueprint, I need to do that! How did you fill in the white? Paint?


Nice engrave on the lower. I did the same thing to mine just a different emblem. Worked great…


What a wonderful portfolio! Love the one for your wife though!


Yes, I left the masking on and painted white acrylic craft paint in. I made sure to rub it in after with my fingers too before removing the tape.

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You’ve had a pretty good month, I’d say! Great projects, thanks for sharing them. The blueprint one is really simple, but I love the way it came out, and I’m definitely getting some ideas from that achievement unlocked sign :thinking:


Thanks! There have been a few other things that have slipped by because I forgot to snag photos like a travertine tile I engraved then used blue metallic India ink from my fountain pens to color in. Mostly everything so far has been theory in process and materials so I can test concepts and materials. I hate wasting material to “learn” so I try to at least “salvage”. The
acrylic shield I’ve made 3 copies of the clear part and used one for the final, so now I think I’m going to try and make an led stand to hold one for edge lighting.

The achievement one in actuality, I would have preferred to use all acrylic, but I only have my sample batch of material and the small pieces I ordered from GF the day I ordered the Pro.

I’m glad my first job years and years ago was at Things Remembered and not long ago I worked at a vinyl graphic shop as a designer. It’s helped me understand engraving depths, designing “clean” cut files, to look at how fonts connect, and how to salvage mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, the Xbox sign is riddled with them but you wouldn’t know it! I tried engraving the text with bevels, 3d effects and finally plainly. The mistakes are on the back side and glued down, but I also had burn through when I flipped over for the plain, which is part of the reason the tape was left on the back of the letters.

Your previous training is really serving you well now. It’s a great bunch of projects!

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You are off to a great start.

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Love the shield and blueprint! Some really great projects!

This is amazing! My father is retired LEO and I’ve been wanting to make him a sign like that but am still a newbie. Please tell your wife thank you for her service! :heart::+1::policewoman:t3::policeman:t4::policeman:t2:

The glass coaster looks really good. Where did you get the patent print from?