Butterflies Galore

image These butterflies are beautiful made with the proof grade clear green glass acrylic and the fluorescent blue acrylic. I sublimated the monarch ones after I cut and engraved the earrings. I am so excited about using the acrylics for theses. The advantage of acrylic when making these is when you heat it, it softens and becomes pliable so you can shape it. You have to be careful because it is very hot to work with and you have to do it quickly before it cools off, or you can break the acrylic. I am loving the results.



Care to expand on the sublimation? What printer are you using, etc etc. I know very little about dye sub.


I have a Sawgrass 800 printer. I use my Hix Swingman heat press to sublimate on the acrylic. 400 degrees for 80 seconds. Then I heat again to bend the acrylic. Love the results.


Those are very pretty!


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Very pretty!

Thank you!

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